BakeryBits Bread Baking Kit Giveaway

Yet another corporate sell out having to resort to free giveaways to generate traffic for his blog? No, actually.

This is something I’ve been working personally to organise for a while. The unadulterated truth is that for getting professional bread baking results at home, there is only one place I get my bread stuff: BakeryBits. I think I’m right in saying GBBO Judge Mr Hollywood goes here too. There are good reasons: everything is really good quality and very reasonably priced. It’s great for hard-to-get-at-home stuff like Aroma Panettone and Diastatic Malt Flour. But it’s even better for it’s selection of basic equipment for home and trade alike.

I have been through the entire website and have compiled a list of essential bread baking kit that I think will help take any home baker’s bread to the next level. These are the EXACT SAME products that I use at home. I own at least one of everything that have kindly agreed to donate for one lucky winner (and no, they didn’t give them to me; I’ve owned them for a while).

This includes:

A BakeryBits Dough Scraper

A BakeryBits Stainless Steel Dough Cutter

A proper High Sided Loaf Tin

A super-sharp Landaise Lame

A BakeryBits 1kg Round Banneton (proving basket)

A BakeryBits Dough Whisk


To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is enter below. Click the wee ‘tweet’ button to tweet a link to the competition and then confirm it. You can also like the BakeryBits facebook page for a chance of winning.


(some people saying they are having trouble tweeting – enter with your email address and the little tweet button definitely should come up)

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  1. James have you tried the baking cloche? I got one just before Christmas and it is brilliant, I wouldn’t be without it. I agree that baking bits is a good source of all things Brady.

  2. Yes please. That would be amazing for my new bread making regime. Haven’t bought a loaf since before Christmas when I went on a baking course.

  3. Will it help me actually be successful in bread making? It’s my nemisis but I refuse to be beaten…one day…one fine glorious day, I will make bread that is as gorgeous as my cakes…hell, I’d settle for just edible tbh.

  4. I have a baking cloche and wouldn’t be without it. Great results every time. Received jug scale and spoon scale for Xmas – all great bits of kit. In fact most of my bakery utensils are from Bakery Bits. Keep up the good work.

  5. If it is good enough for Paul and James it ‘s good enough for me , We done Bakery Bits and keep supplying inovative tools

    • I posted one made mainly with pumpkin on my blog…not so much butter and eggs, but fruit and the aroma. I use a little too in frangipane covering cranberries in a tart. Go a little easy with the mininmum suggested maybe mix up some buns, and see if this is right for your taste buds.

  6. I don’t do Twitter and have no intention of applying for an account just to enter your draw. I am disappointed that you have done it this way.

  7. I used the panettone paper cases, to make my pumpkin bread. Bakery Bits were very helpful with these. They did not fit in my old 6 inch cake tin, so a panettone tin is on my list…but the cases were strong, and I stood them in a 7 inch tin as an insurance policy.
    Would love to win this.

  8. There seem to be a lot of entrants for this… But I guess there’s always hope! Love the sound of this prize…Fingers crossed!

  9. I can’t believe you’re actually doing this giveaway James! I’ve been spending hours loitering on a website that sells bread baking bits and bobs but just couldn’t get myself to click the button because it’d put a huge strain on my student budget! I literally just sort of convinced my mum that I deserve a banneton and then guess what I found your giveaway post. We shall see. Meanwhile I’ll put my online purchase on hold. 🙂

    Thank you for being so generous (even if I don’t win)

  10. Great giveaway -thanks for the BakeryBits link; I will be buying from here in future!
    I was hoping to win this for my lovely,bread making Father, but based on my rafflecopter skills… oh dear!! 🙂

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