Bread day!

Today is bread day on the Great British Bake Off. In celebration, therefore, bread must be baked! I am going for three varieties:


100% Wholemeal Sourdough, take three.

– One of the most annoying breads I’ve ever baked and something I’ve been putting off for a while. Attempt 1 was a little stodgy in crumb but full on flavour. Attempt 2 was a little better, more open crumb but still not what I am after (even better flavour though). This attempt will be good. I’m ramping up the wetness to never before attempted levels and using a levain. It has to be good. If it is not then I will try and try and try again.


Miller’s Sourdough Bagels

– I hope you’ll see these on the show tonight, and I aim to reproduce them to be given away for free at the Peerie Shop Cafe tomorrow morning. They’re darn good – the combo of white, wholemeal and rye with the seeds giving an amazing complexity of flavour for such a short sourdough prove.



– This is my favourite bread – a massive sourdough combo of some wholemeal and a high extraction whitish flour, improvised at home by various blends of sieved brown flour. I may not have enough starter left for this, but if not then a levain and a tiny little bit of dried yeast won’t go amiss. Looking for a good open crumb and thick dark crust.


Will let everyone know how they turn out! Recipes to follow.





  1. Mmm, bread. I’m so pleased you have a blog! I’d be even more pleased if you could enlighten me as to the art of macaron making, yours looked fantastic. Were they and your tart inspired by a visit to Laduree by any chance?

    Can’t wait for the next episode, I’d love for someone my age to triumph in the series! X

  2. well done on the sourdough bagels last week (in our universe) and last night (again in our universe)on the tarts and tartins. Obviously you are in your own GBB universe but I’ve thought from the start you’d be the one to put money on (so now tell me you go out next week a la Victoria). We need the recipe for the rose and macaroon tart by the way.

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