First Leaders’ Debate Drinking Game


1 finger every time:

Natalie Bennet mentions ‘Climate Change’

Nick Clegg looks straight at the camera to make him appear more human

Nigel Farage mentions ‘immigration’ ‘migrants’ or ‘Britishness’

Ed Miliband repeats an exact phrase twice or more

Leanne Wood says something that definitely doesn’t sound like it is spelled

Nicola Sturgeon uses the word ‘independence’ or ‘45%’

David Cameron blames labour for the ‘mess’ he inherited

2 fingers every time:

Any leader proposes a plan to tackle the deficit

Someone claims to safeguard frontline services

‘Coalition’ is mentioned

Four or more leaders are speaking over each other at once

“HS2” is mentioned

The audience comprehensively boo

MPs’ expenses or wages are mentioned

3 fingers every time:

Natalie Bennet has a ‘Brain Freeze’ or makes a major gaffe

The prospect of Nick Clegg’s seat being lost is raisedĀ 

Nigel Farage becomes outraged at his marginalisation on the panel

Ed Miliband’s charisma, family or race is called into question

Someone asks Leanne Wood “who are you?”

Nicola Sturgeon raises the prospect of a future referendum

David Cameron is asked to resign

Finish your drink if:

Any formal coalition is agreedĀ 

Any leader falls over

There is heckling from the crowd

The word “Goodbye” is used.

(soft drink use advised)

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