Great British Bake-Off Drinking Game

The Only OFFICIAL(ish) Great British Bake-Off Drinking Game: Full Rules

Do feel free to add your own/edit…

UPDATE: Lightweight version can be found here.


  • Drink 1 finger for each statement of political provocation
  • Drink 1 finger for every proud relative present
  • Drink 2 fingers for every use of the word ‘gloopy’
  • Drink a bottle of gin when the winner is announced

Drink 1 Finger:

  • Every time the words “Soggy Bottom” are mentioned
  • Every “Good Bake”
  • Every “Good Crumb”
  • Every “under-“ or “over-baked”
  • Every time Paul slags a bake, with an additional 2 fingers if Mary follows with a tactful yet backhanded compliment
  • Every time the presenters eat something
  • Every time there is a close up of a contestant doing an odd facial expression


Drink 2 fingers:

  • Every intended double entendre or innuendo from Mel and Sue
  • For each individual disaster in the technical bake
  • Every montage with sheep or animals
  • Every time Paul scrapes a bake with his knife


Drink 3 fingers:

  • Every unintended double entendre from Mary, Paul or the contestants
  • Every time someone pleads or prays in front of an oven
  • Every time Mary gives a silent but clearly disapproving glance

Finish your drink:

  • Every time you spot a knitted Owl
  • Every time a contestant cries
  • If a squirrel is mentioned or shown
  • If someone drops a cake


  1. Wow! I love this. I might have to have some sort of #GBBO party for the final and do this! It would definately have to be BYOB (bring your own baked-goods!) 🙂 Also, well done on another impressive week! X

    • I eat my words – this is hilarious
      perfect for pre saturday night drinking for those addictedc to bake off
      Althought we think you should add ‘every time a sped-up clip of something proving/baking is showed’ to 2 fingers 🙂

  2. I can’t believe I’ve only just found this (and your Twitter feed), in Week Five!
    A cojuple of additions:

    3 fingers every time Paul looks sheepish and says apologetically “I don’t like it”

    1 finger every cutaway shot to rain coming down the other side of the marquee windows

    Well done James, keep it up, you have my vote!

  3. Love love love it! Think I need to organise a GBBO viewing / drinking party so that I can participate without feeling slightly like an alcoholic drinking on my own in front of the TV…

  4. Can’t even express how much I love this. If the show wasn’t on a weekday night, I’d so try it. Somehow I don’t think turning up at sixth form with a hangover would do me any good..

  5. I’m not sure if it is a very good thing or a very bad thing I’m in Los Angeles at the moment. If I had kept up with this in England where I can actually legally procure alcohol, and drunk the whole lot I might have had to have got my stomach pumped…

  6. Heh, we came up with a few more:

    drink when:
    * A blue band-aid is shown
    * Cream Patissier is mentioned
    * Paul says ‘Structure’
    * Someone says ‘Stodgy’

    All good fun 🙂

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