BrewDog #MixDog Cocktail Competition

There are a few areas in which the BrewDog lads from Fraserburgh cannot be faulted. The first is their unrelenting drive to introduce US-style craft beer (and so pimped up tasted buds) to the whole of the country. The other area in which they excel is their marketing. And it is into one of these pompous PR stunts that I have fallen and I suggest you follow too.

Why? Because it’s fun! It’s a way to play around with your palate and see what flavours work together and which don’t. Different styles of beers are great flavour additions to a number of baked goods (See Banana, Clove and Hefeweizen Puddings from GBBO Ep6). On top of that, you could win bunch of lovely stuff (¬† ).


My #MixDog Entry – Hardcore Sour (name under development)

New Hardcore (9.2%) was always going to be the beer to use. The first thing you’ll notice on the nose is it fires off a ton of citrus, notably grapefruit and orange. The idea with this very simple cocktail is to take these aromas and encompass them within toffee-ish flavour profile. It uses a little dry vermouth to give potency, but also reminiscence of the original classics.



1x 25ml measure Dry Vermouth

1/2 tsp Demerara Sugar

A firm squeeze of half a pink grapefruit

A firm squeeze of half an orange

1/2 a Bottle Hardcore IPA

Wedge of lime, to serve



Into a cocktail mixer, measure the vermouth, sugar, grapefruit juice and orange juice. Shake until the sugar is dissolved.

Drain into a glass and top up with Hardcore IPA to taste (some bitterness should come through), around half a bottle.

Into the glass, pierce and squeeze a wedge of lime. Garnish the rim with a little zest from the fruit, if desired. Enjoy!


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