1. Good morning James!
    I hope you’re doing well.
    It’s been lovely to see you on the Great British Bake-Off. Wonderful character.
    I’m am a fashion designer and somehow you really inspired me these last few months, so I though, can I actually make something for you? You may pick =)

  2. Hi James, I met you at your book signing at Cameron House. I now make focaccia almost every weekend and my friends and neighbours form a (not so orderly) queue for their share. It’s fab. Big panic though, I’m in Crete for Easter and meant to stick several sachets of yeast in my bag and forgot. I can get fresh yeast from the local bakery but I’ve never used it before. How much do I use and do I need to add it to water before adding? I don’t have scales so teaspoons would be an ideal measure, Thanks, Gail

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