This, I suppose, is my first blog post. This should be a momentous occasion (I’ve never had a blog before), but I’m ill and tired and have work tomorrow so will keep it brief. The whole big idea is to blog the progress of the Great British Bake-Off Series 3 as it airs, as I am competing (in the flimsiest sense of the word) with 12 other bakers for the title.


This is a temporary website that I hope will someday grow into greater things. So far… we’ve got 1 recipe! But it’s a good one. Please try it out!


Thank you for listening and I hope to see you on BBC2 at 8pm on the 14th August!





  1. Hi,
    loved your derelict barn on this week’s show – it was so beautiful and abstract! We watch it every week in our flat, please come bake for us – we’re only up the road in st andrews! hope you win, you’re our star baker!
    Lots of love, Jen, Tessa, Hayley and James (different James)

  2. Well done for getting to the final, I followed the show religiously and blogged about it incessantly on my own webpage. Bread is one of my favourite things to bake as well so have added your page to my reading list, and plz keep posting those recipes! x

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