SHETLAND: Cooking on the edge of the world


Pretty much the most beautiful cookbook. 

Out now!



Other books I wrote:


“[an] excellent bread bible… Extraordinarily well-written and produced, engaging for beginners with something to offer even the seasoned pro, this is a potential long-term classic” (Tim Hayward Financial Times)

“Morton’s cheerful, geeky enthusiasm communicates itself on every page, and step-by-step pictures make learning the various techniques needed easy.” (Carolyn Hart Telegraph)

Brilliant Bread was winner of the Guild of Food Writers ‘Cookery book of the year’ award in 2014. It was also a finalist in the Andre Simon awards.


HOW BAKING WORKS (and what to do when it doesn’t)

BREW: The foolproof guide to brewing world class beer at home

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  1. Hi James,

    We are producing a series of short, internet-based films (2-3 mins) for a major tea manufacturer on how various teas in their range can be paired with popular cakes. We are very keen to have you present the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing series of films. The film is scheduled to shoot on Monday, July 29th at a central London location, and you would be required from 1pm – 6pm. It would involve a series of loosely scripted pieces-to-camera and making two different cake recipes – preferably of your choice – to complement the chosen teas.

    I would be very grateful if you could let me know if this is a project you would be interested in participating in and what your rate would be for this day.

    Many thanks in advance for your time

    george miller
    Producer / Director – Taylor Made Media
    Tel: +44 207 494 9845

    1. Any producer that comments and asks for help on a public forum clearly cant be that good. This is not the right environment to ask these sort of questions.

  2. Hi James,
    I am a huge fan of gbbo and was devastated when you didn’t win. I was wondering if you will be doing any book signings near manchester in particular. I am a huge baking fan and i have met paul hollywood and your fellow gbbo contestent John. You are next on my list of people to meet.
    Jessica age 11

  3. I have just bought a copy of your book, James. And it is superb. I love the quirky way you explain how things breadwise work. I’m usually underwhelmed by cookbooks … they don’t feel written by the authors, and some of the breadmaking books do have that commercial-baker-scaled-down feel which isn’t what you want in a domestic kitchen. I’ve baked bread for years but felt excited by your writing and your enthusiasm, and will take baking to new heights, I hope! I have learned much already … wetter is better! best wishes, Andria

  4. Hi James,
    Thoroughly enjoyed your book signing afternoon on Sunday 27th October. I am enjoying reading your book and have picked out some recipes to make this week with my children (on a night they are free from Halloween discos and guising). I would recommend your book as a perfect Christmas present 🙂 All the best to you.

  5. Hi James

    I bought the book and made a basic white loaf. Never made bread before but followed the thing through and ended up with a fantastic loaf of bread that I would’ve been happy to eat in a restaurant. Everyone said it looked like a ‘real loaf’, whatever that means, but I was very happy. It’s a great book.

  6. Love your book! With its help I have started making lovely sourdough bread. I never could before. But in the summer I forsake my house for a canal and river boat. Panic! Can mug bread be extended as a sourdough?

  7. Just baked my first loaf (wholemeal) in years after buying your book (in an independent shop). The result is about to be sliced for today’s sandwich lunch unless I accidently eat the crust for breakfast. It looks brilliant = miles better than earlier attempts.

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  9. Have any corrections been issued for the book?
    I think the pizza recipe may have too much water listed, and the breadstick recipe has no cooking time.

  10. Hello James,

    Your white and wholemeal loaves are just fine. Although I have been baking for 45 years, I had slipped into a bit of a rut and your book helped sort that out (Brilliant Bread). I am now working on Sourdough and this is work in progress. By the time you get back to me, it should have happened…

    One detail, to ask about – I used Raisins in the flour/water mixture and that seemed to work OK. You did not say how many to use, however, so that would help. Also, what is the best way of removing the Raisins when you transfer the starter to the mixture. I just picked them out, one by one but I am sure there are better ways?

    Hurrah for the baking – next it could be brewing!


  11. Hi James,
    I have had success with the basic white bread, but have not been so lucky with the sourdough. I have thrown out and re-started the starter twice, as the dough has been extremely wet and no amount of kneading produced anything but a flat unrised bread. Thinking that my digital scales were wrong, I even bought new ones. I am confused by the starter instructions. If I feed my starter equal parts flour and water every day (keeping at room temp), but don’t use it every day, I would end up with more starter than I can ever use. It would help us amateurs to have step by step instructions,with proper measurements even though that is faff.
    Love your book all the same.

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